The Holidays Are Coming!

Fiasco SantaPicture this, It’s December in Miami. This means that the weather is great, there are an infinite amount of events in town, and the energy about town matches all of this energy. One of the events that comes to town every year around this time is Art Basel. Wherever you look there is art, artist, artistry…You get what I’m saying here, right?

It’s the holiday season. A time of the year where you should feel happiness & joy all around. Part of this joy was going to see a musical artist you enjoy very much. As you’re enjoying the concert and just being around all the holiday cheer, you spot someone on stage wearing a t-shirt. This t-shirt has a picture of santa on it, and says “Santa hates you”!

This is where I tell you that this is the experience I had last winter at the Erykah Badu concert at art basil last year. I’m not sure how you may have handles it, but I was immediately struck by this T-shirt and thought to myself “why would somebody want to spread that energy” Like yeah, I get it, but i’m about spreading and practicing a positive mindset.

That night after a nice bike ride back home through the fresh south Florida night, I kept thinking I’m going to find a Santa Love You shirt and get it so that I can balance “The Force”. To my surprise I didn’t really see any that existed. Could you believe that? No Love!!!! What’s up with that!?!?!

That day I wrote down that I would have to be the one who created the Santa Loves You Shirt!!!!

Here I am about a year later excited, and full of joy as I unveil the Shirt that I hope will touch you. I want it to represent what at times can be lacking in todays day & age. I’m asking you to help tip “The “Force” towards the side of a more compassionate and loving society!!! Always remember that #santalovesyou

Here’s to an upcoming holiday season full of much LOVE!!!!

Click The color pic pic to check out the colored design. & the White to see the White designs.Screen Shot 2015-10-05 at 4.28.32 PM

Screen Shot 2015-10-05 at 4.30.17 PM

Full Transparency

  You are addicted, face it. When you think about your addiction it fills you with heavy emotions. This addiction is a Love addiction you’re trying to handle. It doesn’t play fair.

I’m an addict. I’m addicted to the great times and energy shared with a specific woman. Imagine this.I’ve put this woman through so much that she shouldn’t even consider loving me & yet she does.

Let me confess that the reason this story has been so filled with so many ups and downs is because I’ve never committed to this woman. I fought the idea of making her the one, from day one. Through all of it her love for me has never wavered.

This post is named ” full transparency”. Today I’m going to announce my intentions to be present in her love an choose her love.

This is huge for me. I’m one of those guys that really has no problem meeting woman and making at least basic connections.

Have you ever come across a couple that the woman gives the guy a chance and they stick with each other even if the energy is not ideal, because they fear they may not find someone else?

Well, I’m NOT that guy. So to feel this strongly about this is a very new mindset for me to experience. 

I’m filled with a childlike excitement for this new adventure. I know it won’t be easy, but this is one of those stories of two people who come together easily. What wasn’t so easy was the 4 year resistance I’ve put up against this very idea.

4 years!!! Yeah, what have I been fighting so much against? To be honest, I like being single. It’s a fun life. Lately, I keep finding myself thinking that it’s just better to share experiences with someone that you have a great exchange of energy with.

Not that I didn’t have great experiences with woman, but this one is just on another level. With 4 years of trying to fight it, it’s time to actually go into this fully aware and present.

Wish me luck, this is uncharted territory for me. You know when you’re insides feel excited and at peace with a decision? Well, that’s what I’m going into this decision with. Piece of mind and excitement.

What will come? Who knows, but this story will not end in regret for never trying to open up to a Love that can last!!!


A Man’s Perspective On Love

“Tell me about your first crush?” This was one of the opening questions on an interview I just did for a friend of mine who is writing a book on a man’s perspective on Love. It’s a clever question you see. It’s a question that takes you back to a moment when Love was simple, innocent, & inexperienced.

Thinking back to my first crush brought a smile to my face. Her name was Jackie. I never told her about the crush I had for her. Perhaps that was because we all crushed after her. She was the pretty girl in the 3rd grade.

It’s really something how our experience of love evolves with our experiences. It came clear through this interview that I’ve been in only 2 long term relationships in my life. I almost chose the word significant, but after chatting with a friend was reminded that all energy I’ve exchanged with females are significant, or at least I choose to think so.

Ok ladies…So are all men dogs, assholes, self centered & mindless? Yeah, sure we are. Especially if thats the light you choose to shine on us. Can we be open, puppy dogs, selfless & aware? Damn skippy we can, but the only way this comes about is if its coming from both sides. If you’re one of those that notices that you belong in the first camp it’s pretty clear where your focus is. How to break this pattern?

1) Realize that it’s a pattern. You can’t change anything unless you know its something that needs to be changed.

2) Don’t be so hard on yourself when you finally come to the realization that you need to change this pattern

3) Embrace the change. Changing is not always the easiest evolution to undertake, especially mindful evolution. When you’re aware of the change you’re trying to make it seems like a monumental task. You know what, perhaps it is. You’re using the power of your mind to change something, instead of just letting yourself fall into habits mindfully.

Back to my 2 long term relationships. Im so very grateful to have had them. Just because they didn’t turn out the way I’d want…..Actually, you know what? I just had an epiphany. They turned out exactly how they were supposed to. They turned out with my being grateful to have had the experiences and grow from them.

I’m excited about the possibilities of life and Love. Who knows what it will bring across my path. However it may turn out, I will choose to remember that all exchanges will be significant and help me grow. I’d like to urge you to see things through this spectrum. Let me know how it goes for you.

Flip Aguilera

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Positive Mindset & Love Relationships

I want to share with you a mindset. The basis for this story comes from an article I posted on Facebook called Choose her everyday(or leave her), It’s really a great article, If you haven’t read it I highly recommend you do. It’s GREAT advice.

Before I continue let me tell you that, I’ve left her. I left her before it really even started. I left her before day 1. day 1 was just the beginning of a chapter that was filled with many of ups and downs. The ups were because there was a genuine compatibility, the downs were there because there was a just as strong incompatibility.

This brings me to Mindset. I feel that I practice a positive mindset. It is a practice and if you want to get better at it, you need to keep practicing it. In saying that having a positive mindset doesn’t mean that you think everything is unicorns, rainbows and butterfly’s all the time.

Let me clarify what a positive mindset is for me. Having a positive mindset has a strong base in reality. What makes one have a positive mindset is what they choose to focus on in that reality. I here it all the time “you can focus on the reasons why you’re going to fail, or the reasons you’re going to succeed”, that’s the practice of mindset. I choose to focus more on how to overcome, instead of the many reasons why I may not overcome.

Back to why I left her. Imagine for yourself you’re in a “relationship” where a person truly Loves you. So much so that they’re self respect has fallen to the ground. In full transparency when this happened I didn’t do much to stop it, I created more of it, even though it frustrated me to no end. It created a burden, and although I tried to focus on the reasons why it should succeed, the burden started to break me. I was not carrying the load well, and I was beginning to feel the weight of it coming down on me. So much so that I was practicing being a person I didn’t like with her. My choice to continue to not choose her while at the same time pretending to choose her created heartache for us both.(that was a mouthful)

A friend of mine Nicky responded to the article and shared that she has been on both sides of this situation. She also added this quote

One of the steps in my own journey has been to recognize that it’s far too easy to focus on negatives and forget or dismiss the amazing blessings around me. I now take conscious control of that and make sure that I see, feel and appreciate the good, focus on it and then make any decisions/choices based on that. It’s a much healthier place to be and allows a sense of honesty that frees me”

Have you ever read something and thought to yourself, could I have approached this differently? In a better way? My answer was that since I practice choosing to find why I will succeed, that the decisive choice to stop pretending to choose her was the positive choice. Yes, it will hurt in the short term, but if we are to succeed it was time to lay the burden down. That is where my internal honesty, positivity and freedom led to.

I laid down the burden because of the care and Love I have for her, I have for myself.

You see true Love and a positive mindset has shown me that Love is a liberation, or at least it should be. It should not be a cage or burden to deal with. If I would have had this knowledge in my first marriage perhaps things would have turned out differently, but I was so very young and immature back then.

Another quote that came out of this conversation came from darling Claire who put it this way

“most couples I talked to that are happy were ready for commitment more than for love”

Makes me wonder how many out there are choosing commitment/companionship over Love?

Im going to say with conviction that I Love, and will say it in the present tense. I have a love for my ex-wife, because she doesn’t have to do anything for it. I have a love for the her that I let go. I’m not sure if I’m doing it right, but I dont think any of us are. In the end I hope to have many more people to Love in this lifetime. A life full of Love, be it the up or the down of it is a Life that’s worth living!!!!


Flip Aguilera

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Love Is A Theory Not A Fact!

You ever have those moments when you’re reading an article on the internet and you want to have a chat with the author just to see how a different view can give a new perspective? That’s where the energy for this article comes. Let me thank Daniella Veras for always finding thought provoking content. This article is an expansion of thoughts on the article she shared called 10 reasons why this generation is losing it’s ability to Love.

This time instead of playing arm chair quarterback in my head, I decided to put fingers to keys and express.

Let’s take it back. How many of you have been wondering about this idea/concept of Love? For me, it’s always been for lack of a better word strange. I remember telling my friends in high school that I should write a book and title it “Love is a theory, not a fact”. I would follow it up with how can people say they have something that there is as many definitions for as there are humans? I’m not sure if this makes me cynical, sarcastic or perhaps even a visionary, but its a concept that even back then I had mental struggles with. On a side note it’s not a book, but an article with the title is a good start!!! #crushing goals!!!!

Is this generation really any different than others? First thought is a definite YES!!!! For one there has never been a time where woman have had the amount of liberation that they currently enjoy. I know its not everywhere, but evolution is not an overnight process. Second, the Internet is a game changer for the human race, and if we take a moment to think about it the internet is completely in it’s infancy. Now the thing is to find correlations that these two new concepts may be the cause for this generation “losing it’s ability to love”.

Next I will go over with you all in complete vulnerability/transparency how I see/feel it.

1) First concept is that in this day and age we care more about Instant Gratification. Because of this it has created the idea that Love should be something instant and if it doesn’t produce instant results can be tossed.

A concept I’d like to bring up is adaptation. Let’s think about the late 19th century, where times were “slower”. If we look at it from this day & age, for sure everything was slower, but if you take a step back and drop the egotistical nature that we default to as humans & look at it from a different angle You would know that the people in that era thought that everything they were enjoying at the moment was at top speed. It just doesn’t look that way in hindsight.

Your Brain craves Instant gratification or feedback. That’s how it wires itself. It wants the same thing to happen again and again so that it can become quicker and more efficient at doing the task, till it becomes second nature. Yes Instant gratification is a habit, but everything we do is.

We live in a universe that moves forward. Yes, maybe Love will become something that is more of an Instant Gratification. Our brains like that instant dopamine hit & not just now, it’s been like this for some time.
As mentioned before there is no Concrete definition Love needs to abide by. We may just be coming into a new era where Love can last a moment. The one’s who can adapt to that quicker might have the spoils of possibly enjoying more of what this “New Love” may be turning into.

2) The second point made in the article is that Culture is driven by “Chemical enhancements” or Drugs & Alcohol.
Drugs & Alcohol or Chemical enhancement as I will refer to it is as old as humanity. Do people use it as a way to run away, escape, enhance, etc. For sure they do, but again this is not original to this generation. This is as old as humanity itself. Humans have always found the elements in nature that induce “Higher states of consciousness”.

There is something inherent in us that has a craving for it if not it wouldn’t be a part of EVERY SINGLE HUMAN CULTURE since the beginning of recorded time.

I do think the article makes a good point in saying that chemicals intensify whatever it is you’re feeling. That works both ways though. It can Intensify the good as much as the bad. Do you feel that the mindset should be more on what reaction is coming out, instead of the intensity at which the chemicals bring the reaction out?

3) Ah, the dreaded we Sleep around more now. This may be the case if you’re comparing current times to 1950’s United States Culture. I ask for you to again take a step back and think about humanity as a whole. There would be no chance at all that humans would be here if the early humans weren’t sleeping around A LOT!!! There was too much Disease and warfare for it not to be this way. Christopher Ryan author of the Book Sex at dawn goes into this in detail. He also has a TED Talk if you want to delve into this subject more.

Long Story Short, the evolution of monogamous relationships is also still a fairly new adaptation.
Some other Authors and speakers who get into these subjects are

Esther Perel

Helen Fisher

4) Egocentricity. This one is interesting. The authors first paragraph on ego is as follows.
“Every individual in the world is egocentric; we all think about our needs and ourselves first and foremost. Whether this is good or bad doesn’t really matter; the world is the way it is. It’s part of human nature.”

Why is it OK to chalk up ego to human nature and not also chalk up that humans like to create concepts that are completely made up whole cloth by our imaginations, Such as the concept of Love. I am by no means concluding that Love does not exist. What I am questioning is why does the ego get a pass?

Ego, is a tricky thing. It is the source of so much drama, while at the same time it serves as a defense mechanism. It would be a great practice to become more aware of the ego and when to let it defend and when to practice telling it to quiet down, because really… This whole concept being written about is speaking to your ego. The title of the article in and of itself is written to spark your ego and flare it up.

5) We date, just to Date. Yes, you are living in an unprecedented time where woman have as much power to choose and create than ever before. Couple that with the Internet and we’ve got a modern day science project happening in real time all day everyday. When you imagine the late 19th century most woman had to marry who they were told to or had to marry someone in their town because there really wasn’t much option beyond that. These new concepts seem to be manifesting themselves through more dating. There’s just more option now than there has ever been. Especially in large cities.

In college I had to do a paper on woman’s lib and I found it thought provoking that in this day and age we say couples don’t stay together like they used too. This is correct, but again woman didn’t really have the option and for those that created the option because they were tired of their current situation a lot of times just left, changed their names and moved west. Hey, it happened a lot more than we think it did. It technically isnt a divorce if you just disappear. Who’d of thought I’d ever have to bring back the information I learned while doing that paper again!!!

You may want to get out there and date, Live in the moment. Its up to you to set expectations as to what you want out of these dates.
6) We don’t like to compromise! Is this really the case? How many of you know couples that shouldn’t be with each other but stay? In truth I’ve been a part of this more than once. This is a compromise. It’s not one that is spoken about openly, but being in relationships like these is compromising freedom, perhaps happiness, for comfort and piece of mind. It’s a different way of looking at compromise, but it is compromise none the less.

Maybe, just maybe you’re in a relationship that you rushed into and shouldn’t be in. So yes compromise, but it’s your choice to compromise your happiness. Relationships shouldn’t be a burden. They will be hard, but again not burdens.
7) The Fairy Tale Ending. Once upon a time….. They Lived happily ever after. Usually what comes between that is a lot of drama. Although we all say we don’t like drama. Drama is what life throws us if we like it or not. Drama serves a purpose. It sheds light on who you may be dating or in a relationship with for you to gather energy as to if you will mesh when the going gets tough. There may be incompatibility in handling drama and thats something you need to know before committing and compromising more of your time and energy.

Really, I think most of us have already realized that happily ever after is something we see in Disney movies.

8) Perfection. Here is another concept that as you get older you know does not exist. Imperfection is perfection. We’re all flying on this planet together gathering knowledge through our experiences. It’s of no use to hold people to some standard like they know everything and experienced everything they are going to learn. So much so that they have acquired so much wisdom as to becoming perfect.

9) Being driven to accomplish Goals is driving love lower in the priority column. This statement may have truth to it. I’ll confess to you that I tell woman that I’m married to my goals.
Being driven by goals, and the drive it creates puts blinders on other things in life. If your goal is to fall in love than it can happen quicker if you make it a goal. You should probably be dating as many people as possible though. Im didtn’t say you should sleep with everyone, but you need to meet people and be genuine and transparent.

If you’re goal is to get your start-up off the ground, find time to write, blog, grow a team, it’s real easy to see how unless someone just lands that can mesh with all of that(being that we had the ego conversation earlier can make things more complex.) It’s about as hard a task to find/create Love as getting your start-up off the ground.

10) Lastly the author says most of us are bad at loving. Let’s revisit Love is a theory, not a fact. Love has as many definitions as there are humans. You are allowed to do it however you want. You just need to find someone that freely entangles with the same manifestation of Love as you.

You know, for as many books that have been written about this subject were still as confused as ever. That’s O.K. though. That’s what makes this journey of life we’re on the roller coaster it is.
I don’t know about you but I LOVE roller coasters.
I invite you to come up with your Love theory, explore it, test it, and live it in the most liberating way you can. Your Love theory is your fact.

With That Just a reminder to… Keep The Dream Alive, Make The Dream A Reality…LIVE THE DREAM!!!!

Flip Aguilera


Boxing…. A New Adventure.

 What do you think of new adventures? How bout those crazy ones that are just a far off dream till you make the decision that they wont be anymore. This is where I find myself.

You see I’ve made it a goal that I want to participate in an amateur boxing match. Its a thought that makes me think I’m crazy. After all, who at the age of 36 wants to sign up for getting their heads and body bashed in.

There is something about this decision that is exhilirating and new. I’ve always found boxing to be a beautiful sport. instead of admiring from a far I think it would be a great life experience to respect it from within.

I want to invite you all to watch as I progress to the point where I can actually get in the ring and get it on.

GMO…To be or not to be? It’s complicated.

To GMO or to not GMO?

To GMO or to not GMO?

On my recent trip to London I had the pleasure of meeting with the founders of Kewo Science. They are a team of scientists and health experts dedicated to share true and unbiased information.”  We had several discussions about subjects such as vaccines, infectious diseases and I of course was very involved when the topic of GMO’s came up.

I’ve come across so much information on this topic both good & bad, and now I’m in a conversation with bonafide scientists who know how to read and understand research. To say that I didn’t want to look like that guy who was just screaming “GMO’s are bad because monsanto is evil and they’re trying to take all the money and create anarchy” was key to looking like an actual credible and educated person.

I was delighted when the conversations went as pleasant discussions where there was space to disagree and still be agreeable. Now, in saying this I really don’t have a horse in this race. I love to learn and when the driver is true curiosity there is no space for picking a side. After all I need to practice what I preach and I’m always reminding myself that once you become dogmatic about an idea, you automatically halt the learning process. Once you believe something is absolute you will  fight for it no matter what learning continues to be done.

In being in the privileged position to work with clients in helping them achieve their goals I have been able to  amass anecdotal evidence as to things that work more often than not. with that being said, are GMO’s good or bad? The answer to that is of course they’re horrible and everyone who eats them is going to die a horrible death!!!! I’M KIDDING!!!! There are people who believe this to be true. When you want to be intellectually true and honest though you would come across the studies that don’t exactly agree with that conclusion(1). Actually there have been articles written about retractions of some of the studies that the Anti-GMO tout(2)

There are also indications towards GMO compromising the ability of the immune system and perhaps being a link to many of the inflammatory diseases that are plaguing developed countries(3).

Who to believe? what to do? The approach I take with my clients is to lets try for 30 days and see what happens. I will say that I hve a bias towards getting my clients results. In saying that, there are people getting results no matter if they are eating GMO or not.

The question then becomes for me is what are the long term health effects and who’s right?

I dont know who’s right. On one hand they are some very beneficial outcomes to parts of the world that desperately need whatever they can get. On the other hand some are raising the discussion that GMOs may be an underlying cause to many of the first world inflammatory diseases that are becoming incresingly concerning.

I’m going to go out and say everybody believes they are doing what’s right!!! what do I mean by that. IN MY OPINION… I feel that both parties believe they are doing what is ethical in their points of view which brings me to some TED talk that has been the catalyst in a discussion between myself and the KEWO Science’rs

Pamela Ronald BioGenetesist’s Case for GMO

Summary: Pamela feels that her work is benefiting the poor and empoverished.

just to show TED is as curious as I am here is a talk by….

Dr. Thierry Vrain The Gene Revolution

Summary: There are many unknowns that are leading to unintended consequences. Now that they are known, there is not much being done about it.

What to believe? after watching these videos both sides make compelling arguments which can lead many of us to say research says everything and because of that they don’t know anything. I want to raise the thought that this is true science. What makes science so valuable is that there is discussion and debate on all sides. That’s what makes the process so exciting.

To conclude, we are living longer than ever with the added effect that we have more inflammatory diseases than ever. Is it because we are living longer and these are the diseases of the advances we’ve made? Or is it because we tinker with everything and its leading us down this path? It’s probable to be both, I’d like to make a mention that epigenetics(which is not part of this article), may have something to do with this puzzle as well. I do strongly believe that we must tinker. It is tinkering that has gotten us the advances that have benefited us. And tinkering for better or worse comes with unintended consequences, it’s the way learning has always and always will happen.

I hope you find value in this article we need to keep learning and discussing. I encourage you to leave a comment. This topic is extremely complex and having an open dialogue where ideas are openly shared with a constructively critical eye needs to happen more.

I’d like to send everyone wishes of a productive day. Here’s to Keeping the Dream Alive, Making the Dream A Reality & LIVING THE DREAM!!!!


Flip Aguilera

Sweat Nation




Magnesium….Its good stuff!!!

You ever have those nights where you wake up in the middle of the night with a shooting cramp?

If you said yes, then you’re the star of this post. Being that you’re the star we need to cater to you and give you solutions to this issue.

There are many things that can be causing this type of issue, but today i want to focus on something that’s easy to remedy or as they say the low hanging fruit.

Entering stage right… We have Magnesium!!!! Ta-daaaa!!!

Magnesium is one of the most important minerals in the body.

Magnesium is directly involved in over 300 metabolic processes in the body.

Magnesium is needed by every cell in the body. Magnesium is essential for the health of our bones, muscles, joints, and teeth. The highest amount of magnesium is found in the heart, with magnesium vital to heart-health.

The problem is that as many as 80% of Americans are deficient in magnesium. If you are experiencing more than one of these symptoms, you may be deficient in magnesium:

  • Calcium deficiency
  • Heart problems
  • Weakness
  • Muscle cramps
  • Tremors
  • Nausea
  • Anxiety
  • High blood pressure
  • Type 2 diabetes
  • Respiratory issues
  • Dizziness
  • Fatigue
  • Potassium deficiency
  • Difficulty swallowing
  • Poor memory
  • Confusion
  • Insomnia
  • Irritability
  • Headaches & migraines
  • Body odor
  • Constipation
  • Poor dental health
  • Kidney stones
  • Gut disorders
  • Abnormal heart rhythm
  • Low energy
  • Hormonal imbalances

That’s a long list isn’t it? before we go on any further, I don’t want to say that magnesium will cure all of these ailments as many ailments are a puzzle of things, but a reminder that it’s an easy thing to become aware of that can pay dividends.

You may be lacking in this essential mineral for several reasons:

  • Modern farming methods have depleted magnesium from the soil.
  • Our drinking water has had the minerals filtered out of it.
  • Processed foods are lacking in magnesium.
  • Calcium supplementation depletes magnesium from the body, because the body requires magnesium to process calcium.
  • Nearly every prescription drug causes magnesium deficiency.
  • High consumption of caffeine, alcohol and sugar deplete magnesium.
  • Stress and lack of sleep lower our magnesium levels.

Your food is a great way to get in magnesium ,but food these days contain inadequate amounts of magnesium. At the turn of the 20th Century, the average American consumed about 500 mg of magnesium in their food and water. Today, we’re lucky if we get 200 mg from those sources! So we need to supplement with this crucial mineral.

However, trying to supplement magnesium with pills and powders can be a challenge. Only 4 to 20% of the precious mineral will be absorbed, due to its passage through the digestive system before reaching the bloodstream.

What’s the solution? Magnesium oil applied to the skin is an effective way to get magnesium into the bloodstream quickly and efficiently. Magnesium oil, made with magnesium chloride and water feels oily, but contains no oil.

I just made a video of my new and recent experience with magnesium oil… I know, you’re the star, but I’m ready as your co-star for my close-up. It’s a new experiment for me. I look forward to seeing how my body reacts.


Magnesium oil is very versatile in its applications. Get the benefits of magnesium oil by using it:

  1. Transdermally—by rubbing it into the skin where you are experiencing muscle cramps or spasms. It’s oily feel makes it a great massage medium.
  2. As a spray to broadcast over specific areas of your body.
  3. In a bath, or foot bath for widespread absorption and therapeutic value. (Epsom salts consist of magnesium sulfate and are commonly used for this purpose.)
  4. As a nebulizer for the lungs.

Supplementing with magnesium has been shown to improve sleep, eliminate muscle cramps and twitches, relieve stress, stabilize heart rate and arrhythmia, lower cholesterol, lower blood sugar, improve mood and help with many more ailments.

Absorption is affected by the concentration of the magnesium oil, the surface area of the body on which it is applied, and the length of time it’s allowed to absorb.

Magnesium supplements and magnesium oil are readily available from several reputable sources. Here’s a highly recommended brand.    

Chances are that although you’re a rising star you are among the 80% of our population with a magnesium deficiency. This mineral is vital for your health and well-being. Supplementing with magnesium is fairly simple and inexpensive. If you’re lucky enough to live by the ocean, the ocean has the highest concentration of megnesium(nature, isn’t she something)? Jump into it it’s there for you all the time.

Because of its high absorption rate, the benefits of magnesium oil is a great option for increasing your intake of this essential mineral.

Choose one or more ways you can begin to supplement with magnesium and begin to experience its amazing benefits! Now go on and shine you superstar!!!! Here’s to going forth and being Physically Infinite throughout your SWEAT NATION!!!!

Dedicated to Finding Life In Personal Accountablity, Activity & Accomplishments!!!!

Flip Aguilera




Staying True To What You Want!!!

This is a Guest post by Yairon Gallardo.


My name is Yairon. I’m currently a college student and intern at FlipAAA.
Recently my life took a toll for what I feel is the better. Although it may seem like I’m bragging, but my goal is to help others understand to not make the same mistakes I and that a lot of people in general population have made.

It’s been a little over a month since I started my internship. I received an email from him that changed my life In an unexpected way.
Since the first time that we were in contact I already feel that I’ve learned so much in ways that school has never been able to teach or reach me.
The weird thing about that though is that the person who put me in contact with Flip was my English Literature Professor. I found this strange, all my life I would have never thought that a teacher of mine would do something like this for me.
In hindsight all I really did was write a story about my life experience, but it was enough for her to recommend me to Flip.

The reason why I said my life took a turn for the better is because I decided to let myself do what I love to do and make it the center of my focus, drive & life. Everyone knows that love is just a word till someone comes and gives it meaning. Here I am right now, giving it meaning.
Starting my college studies I didn’t know what I wanted to do as a career. My way to remedy that was to google a high paying job. What came up when I searched was a dentist. Without much more thought than this should make me some good money I blindly chose this as my major. In total disregard to what I really would love to do. I had no passion for this and felt lost from the very beginning. All
I know is that I wanted to help others.
I felt that I wanted to help others because there have been times in my life where I wish someone would have been there for me when I needed it.


Ultimately my goal is to be successful doing something I love. Me writing that paper for my English class about my journey in life, especially my weight loss journey, has impacted my life and has shown me how what I really wanted deep within still had the power to lead me to the opportunity I have today.

Goes to show you that even if you’re not doing what you want, if you always believe and stay focused on your goals you can come across an opportunity that presents itself out of nowhere.
Life can be a roller coaster and can drop & change direction when you least expect it.
I’d like to ask that everyone who reads this to stop and take a moment to think about what you really want to accomplish. Write it down and look and think on how you can accomplish it everyday. This simple task along with acting on those thoughts will get you closer to achieving your dreams than you ever thought possible, just like it did it for me!!!
Thank you for taking your time to read this post.

Yairon Gallardo


I’d like to thank Yairon for rising up to the challenge and writing this post. I look forward in watching him develop as he works to Keep His Dreams Alive, Make His Dreams A Reality & LIVE HIS DREAMS!!!!


Art Basel 2014

Every year at the beginning of December the art universe descends upon Miami for Art Basel.
Energy levels this year were off the charts, as you could feel the energy all over the streets of Miami Beach, downtown, midtown, wynwood, & design district.
There was much to see and do though out the week. Today I’m going to go over my top 3 experiences of Art Basel 2014
1) Interaction with new interesting people. I saw that Erykah Badu was going to be at wynwood. I didn’t know this until I saw it at the Fusion Mia tent in Wynwood. I walk over there to find out about tickets and met a woman with wonderful energy named Judy Moore. Judy and I became fast friends and long story short it pays to be nice to people. Because of it I got to get into a sold out Erykah Badu concert!!!!

Here’s Judy and I. Thanks again Judy. Was a pleasure to meet you!!!!

Here’s a pic of Ms Badu!!!!

Being surrounded by artist was also a plus, so many interesting people to chat with.
I’d like to point out one interaction I had with an artist at spectrum in midtown named Krie. @krieart
Her booth looked like she just arrived to the convention and late at that. Everything was wrapped in shrink wrap and still in pallets crated together.
As we started to chat I asked her “did your stuff not get here in time”? Her answer was, “actually I was one of the first ones here. I want it to look and feel this way”!
That is the Fundamental essence of what art is.
We chatted for about 30 minutes. She was Full of electric energy.


Here we are all smiles!!!

Lastly it was a pleasure to ride my bike up and down the beach and the midtown/wynwood/design district areas. I love to be active and biking beat driving around by leaps & bounds. Also did some yoga in the rain to the sounds of afrobeta, ran into old friends, and made some new ones.

Although I was off on my exercising and nutrition for the week. It was great to have a week of awesome energy.
Hey, I might even pick up this Spray Paint Art Secrets membership so I can start my graffiti art career!!!!